Like me, you probably are bombarded with cell phone offers from different mobile phone providers that you find yourself at a crossroad. In fact, it becomes difficult to make an informed choice because providers are over themselves promising the moon while in essence delivering the earth. The different lucrative and irresistible offers can create a false sense of importance. You begin feeling as if the different mobile providers have your best interests at heart but the reality of the matter is that they are simply trying to romp you in and sooner than later you will realize that what you thought to be a mobile phone deal on budget is actually a very expensive deal.


Unlike many people, I am rarely moved with the “too good to be true” mobile phone deals. My first secret is not to take things at face value but rather do a little of digging to ascertain whether am getting a good deal or not. I take measures to read the fine print and familiarize myself with exactly what I am getting into. I mean, most mobile phone providers know that customers rarely take the time to read the fine print and are always anxious to append their signatures on the dotted line. However, if you really want to know whether you are getting value for money and not being cheated, always ensure that you read the fine print.

Secondly, I never make any decision without reading reviews of given mobile phone providers. Reviews of past customers give you an idea as to whether a given provider is honest, professional, reputable and if they go beyond the call of duty to ensure that the needs of the customers are not only met but also exceeded. It is not enough for a friend to tell me that a given provider is top notch. I always go the extra mile to ensure that I read reviews, make comparisons and only go for deals from reputable UK mobile phone providers.

Thirdly, I take it upon myself to make comparisons of the base amount of minutes to the base charge per minute. How much will I be charged if I exceed the given number of minutes? Will I get the shock of my life when I receive my bill because the charge for every excess minutes is too high? In light of this, I always make comparisons of the base amount of minutes to base charge per minute.

Fourthly, I take it upon myself to ensure that there is no confusion between me and the mobile provider. For instance, when the mobile provider says that weekend calls are 50% cheaper, what does the provider mean by weekend? For me, the weekend might be starting Friday midnight while the provider holds the opinion that the weekend starts on Saturday 8 am. It is therefore important that you understand what the provider means when they say night calls are cheaper. Does the night for them mean 7pm or 10pm? This ensures that you do not end up misusing your minutes on the false pretense that you are actually saving.

In conclusion, getting the best mobile phone deals on budget is all about doing things according to book and asking questions where you don’t understand. Research, reading fine print, checking your phone usage before application all ensure that you get the best mobile phone deals on budget!