Sammamish In a world where having a good credit score means everything, having bad credit can be a nightmare of sorts. Financial lenders and mobile phone providers are always willing to approve loans as well as mobile phone deals to individuals with a good credit rating but give a wide berth to those with a poor credit rating. The result has been persistent frustration and embarrassment of those with a less than average credit score whenever they seek to get approved for an urgent loan or a mobile phone contract. Before bad credit mobile phones became a reality, getting approved for a phone contract was akin to walking on air. It was virtually impossible. UK citizens with a poor credit score faced rejections and every now and then that they somehow felt like second class citizens.

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Credit checks were a sore in the eyes and those with a less than average credit score crossed their fingers hoping for the best every time they applied for a phone contract. Fortunately, the harrowing experience is now a thing of the past. The unveiling of bad credit mobile phones was well received and continues to increase in popularity especially among those with a poor credit rating as well as those with no prior credit history. Bad credit mobile phones refers to a special type of phone contract suitable for individuals with bad credit.

The outstanding aspect about bad credit mobile phones is that you do not have to worry about credit checks or wonder on end if you will be approved or not. As you will learn from this page, bad credit mobile phones are fairly easy to apply for, don’t discriminate you based on your credit rating, give you access to the type of handset you desire for and also ensure that approval is done within 24 hours. In essence, you get to enjoy the perks that come with a mobile phone contract without having to worry about your credit score.


To qualify for bad credit mobile phones, you need to be residing in the UK, a UK citizen, be in employment and above the age of 18 years. Your credit score should not concern you as bad credit mobile phones are essentially designed for UK individuals with a poor credit rating. This type of contract is also the right one especially when you are seeking for a way to gradually improve your credit score. Meeting your monthly obligations without fail will positively affect your credit score over time. However, defaults could further worsen your credit score and that is why it’s essential that you meet your obligations as agreed. If you have bad credit and have faced rejections many times than you care to count, it is about time you thought of applying for bad credit mobile phones!